Astro Wishlist Unisex Regular Fit (Black)

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Product Details


Product Details
Astro Wishlist Unisex Regular Fit (Black)
Make your wish visible with Astro Supersport's Wish List T-Shirt. All it take's is an artline marker to state your wish. You may never know, you could be spotted by our invisible genie and "Abra Ka Dabra "…… your wish could come through! 

Made from 100% cotton and with elements of puff printing, you will be guaranteed a unique and exclusive designed t-shirt leaving curiosity on the eyes of others. Available in an elegant and mysterious black Unisex design.
Purchase the Wishlist Streetwear and be eligible to enter the Astro Supersports Travel Show Season 2 to be aired come January 2017. So hurry and get one now only at iSooka!
Astro Wishlist Unisex Regular Fit (Black)
Material/Composition :
100% fully combed cotton
Colour(s) :
Size(s) in Inches: