Learning: Geometry Hut

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Product Details


Product Details
Learning: Geometry Hut
My Grometry Hut comes with a lot of fun in one comprehensive set of toy.There are wood blocks that comes with 4 sets of illustrations- Numbers, Fruits, Weather and Animals. Starts the arithmetic lesson by using the abacus and the number blocks. Animal and fruit blocks come with various shapes allows the kid to find the right place to deposit them to the hut. 1 comes with round shape, 2 comes with heart shape.Use your little finger to move the pointers of the wall clock at the side of the hut and tell what is the time now. Get them only at iSooka! 

My Grometry Hut datang dengan banyak keseronokan dalam set mainan ini. Ada  4 set blok kayu yang datang  dengan ilustrasi, iaitu: nombor, buah-buahan, cuaca dan haiwan. Mulakan pengajaran aritmetik dengan menggunakan abacus dan blok nombor. Blok Haiwan dan buah-buahan datang dengan pelbagai bentuk membolehkan kanak-kanak untuk mencari tempat yang sesuai untuk masukan. Dapatkan set mainan ini hanya di iSooka!  
Learning: Geometry Hut
Material/Composition :
Non-toxic wood
Colour(s) :
Size(s) in Inches:
7.8 x10.2 x 12.2