Animal School Bus

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Product Details


Product Details
Animal School Bus
Boom! Boom! The school bus has arrived. Lets queue up. Elephant is No.1, Zebra No.2 Chimpanzee No.3. There are already 3 students in the bus, Ziraffe, Dog and Kangaroo. You have to recognise the seat number that have marked with the animal name in order for them to sit in. It comes with 9 different colour animal in shape which the kid has to look for the right shape in the bus.It can also pull along to play in group.It encourage sosialising skill. Get them only at iSooka!

Bas sekolah telah tiba. Jom berbaris! Anda perlu mengenali nombor tempat duduk yang telah ditandakan dengan nama haiwan itu. Ia datang dengan 9 haiwan dengan warna dan bentuk yang berbeza. Kanak-kanak perlu mencari bentuk yang betul dalam bus. Permainan ini sesuai untuk sesi group dengan kawan-kawan! Dapatkan set ini hanya di iSooka!
Animal School Bus
Material/Composition :
Non-toxic wood
Colour(s) :
Size(s) in Inches:
10.2 x 6.1 x 3.9