Learning: Wisecube Shape Blocks Clock Set

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Product Details


Product Details
Learning: Wisecube Shape Blocks Clock Set
This shape sorting clock is the perfect introduction to telling time! It features 12 solid wood shapes to identify and sort moveable hour and minute hands.Each number has a shaped groove where the matching coloured wooden block can be placed: your child can match them up by shape, numbers in the grooves or numbers on the inner clock face. Your child will love them at all time and learn shapes, numbers, colors, time, matching, sorting. Get your learning tool only at iSooka!

Jam ini adalah pengenalan yang sempurna untuk kanak-kanak belajar memberitahu masa! Ia mempunyai 12 bentuk kayu pepejal untuk mengenal pasti jam. Anak anda akan suka main dengan jam ini setiap masa dan belajar bentuk, nombor, warna dan masa. Dapatkan set ini hanya di iSooka!
Learning: Wisecube Shape Blocks Clock Set
Material/Composition :
Non-toxic wood
Colour(s) :
Size(s) in Inches:
10.2 x 10.2 x 3.1