Ana Muslim: Ana Solehah Tahunan Jilid 1

  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • Mengandungi 80 muka surat
  • Buku cetakan kulit keras
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Product Details


Product Details
Ana Muslim: Ana Solehah Tahunan Jilid 1
Ana suka membaca... Ana suka melukis... dan apa lagi Ana suka memasak juga! Hebatkan? Semua aktiviti ini adalah sihat dan baik untuk anak-anak. Mari mengenali Ana dan kawan-kawannya. Ketahuilah aktiviti - aktiviti lain Ana dan rakan-rakan suka untuk melakukan. Dapatkan koleksi Ana Muslim hanya di iSooka!

Ana loves to read..Ana loves to paint..and what’s more Ana loves to cook too! Aren’t that great kids? All these activities are healthy and good for kids now days. Get your kids to meet Ana as well Ana’s Friends. Find out what other things Ana and her friends likes to do. Get your kids get going with Ana Muslim collections only at iSooka. Hurry now! 

There are interesting activities inside this book such as
- Find Route
- Locate hidden objects
- Find the difference
- Cooking
- Comic
- Drawing
- Counting
- Coloring
Ana Muslim: Ana Solehah Tahunan Jilid 1
Material/Composition :
Hard cover book
Colour(s) :
Size(s) in cm:
19cm x 25.4cm